Join the Rhythm, Taste the Tradition: Chicken, Chitlins & Caviar

Music, dance, and culinary metaphor intertwine in “Chicken, Chitlins and Caviar,” a celebration of African American experiences. From soulful Sundays to Broadway elegance, join us on this captivating journey through the heart of American culture. Whether you’re drawn to the soulful rhythms of R&B, the raw emotion of the blues, or the refined melodies of Broadway, this musical exploration promises to delight and inspire. Experience the nostalgia of Sunday dinners, the energy of Friday nights, and the sophistication of Broadway—all in one unforgettable performance. Join us and discover the richness of African American heritage through the universal language of music.

Music song and dance has been the sustaining activities through which the African; the Negro; the Black; the African American has expressed their emotions of suffering and hope. Chicken, Chitlins and Caviar explores the African American Experiences and traditions through the universal lens of music using food as the metaphor.  Chicken, as the staple of every Sunday dinner brings you the Soul and R&B, Chitlins, just making due with what chu’ got is the blues and soul music, and Caviar is the refined and cultured that is represented by the spirituals and Broadway.
– April Wright, Founder of Symphony Enterprises